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By Maddie Briere Founder and Publisher of The Time Capsule to Mars Mission, a student-led, unmanned, crowd-funded project, seeks to land a time capsule on the surface of Mars, carrying the images, text and videos of people across the globe (these submissions can be made at This project...
Popular Science THE DAWN SPACECRAFT COULD CHANGE THE SHAPE AND SCOPE OF FUTURE MISSIONS By Junnie Kwon Posted January 25, 2015 In early March, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft will enter the orbit of the dwarf planet Ceres. “We’re going to see a whole new world,” says Marc Rayman, Dawn’s chief engineer...
DNA strands
Medscape Medical News Robert Lowe | January 20, 2015 In tonight’s State of the Union Speech, President Barack Obama unveiled what he called his Precision Medicine Initiative, which relies on genomics to “deliver(s) the right treatment at the right time,”… Click here to read the entire article: