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By: Maddie Briere Founder and Editor of May 16, 2015 Twins have long been an excellent subject pool for the research community — it is through twin studies that we have been able to determine the heritability of diseases ranging from Schizophrenia to obesity. It is because twins, both identical...
Quartz [Photo: When are we going to Mars?(NASA/SAIC/Pat Rawlings)] May 1, 2015 Akshat Rathi For enthusiasts of space travel, the bad news keeps coming. A new study, just published in Science Advances, finds that the smartest humans who will be chosen to go to Mars may not remain smart by the time they reach their destination...
Genetic Literacy Project May 13th, 2015 David Warmflash Genetic biotechnology is usually discussed in the context of current and emerging applications here on Earth, and rightly so, since we still live exclusively in our planetary cradle. But as humanity looks outward, we ponder what kind of life we ought to...