The Human Genome Project, launched in 1990, not only resulted in the first sequenced human DNA, but ushered in an era of technological advances far beyond what was expected. New fields such as genomics, proteomics, epigenomics, etc. (the study of genes, proteins, and such, as systems) have generated a catalyst for the research and application of personalized medicine. This field integrates genomics and clinical data from individual patients in order to identify the most efficient plan of treatment. This new field opens up a range of potential for medical care, making it possible to examine an individual’s genes, protein levels, etc. to determine things such as 1) which type of drugs will be most effective in treatment of a disease, 2) a level of risk for certain diseases, 3) which drugs are least likely to cause adverse reactions, etc. It is widely expected that this field will develop at an astounding rate over the next century.

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