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    The Humans To Mars Conference is a triumph of scientific achievement. Every year, experts from all fields linked to space exploration gather to present on their latest discoveries and innovations. Speakers from past years include: Bas Lansdorp, co-founder of the Mars One Foundation, Rebecca Keiser, NASA’s associate deputy for strategy and policy, and Buzz Aldrin, retired NASA astronaut. This conference covers everything from terraforming to the expected bio-medical challenges of future missions–it is one of the most comprehensive conferences on space exploration. In substitute for physical attendance, videos from the event can be acquired online, and the ExploreMars website is also informative on the ever-changing field of space exploration.


    Research News from Top Universities
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    This website provides an array of articles on university research, including that in space-related fields. You can find articles on everything from germs in space to cosmic radiation. This resource represents a fun and informative way to jump into the field of space exploration.

    Deep space nebulae

    The NASA website remains one of the most informative resources for those following space exploration. Current news, mission updates, breath-taking images– you can find it all here. For those just diving into the field of space exploration, this website provides overviews on a variety of topics, ranging from the technological to medical.


    Space Physiology and Medicine
    Published by NASA
    Nicogossian M.D. and Parker Ph.D

    Though this book was published in 1982, it is informative on the early years of space medicine and exploration. It is a little more technical than would suit the average reader, but a variety of information can be gleaned from each chapter. This is a valuable resource for those interested in the history of space medicine. For a complete look at the field of space medicine, though, a supplemental text would be needed.